Ask The Trainer

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Octavia V. Henderson, MBA, ACSM-CPT

Octavia holds a degree in Exercise Science and Business Administration. She is a Certified Personal Trainer fitness writer as well as a lifestyle and weight management consultant with over 10 years of industry experience.

Q: How fast can I lose weight?

A: Asking this questions immediately lets a trained professional know that you are not fully committed to becoming a healthier person. Your main driver is getting the weight off quickly and usually at any cost. How long did it take you to put on the extra weight? Learning to take the weight off in a healthy way (i.e. 1-2lbs weekly) is a critical component to keeping the weight off. The journey is the real reward.

Q: How much should I eat?

A: In general, this can be calculated by the Harris Benedict formula, and a more detailed answer can be determined based upon your current body vitals. Oh Fitness reviews and updates its’ clients body vitals frequently for the most accurate nutritional body sculpting needs. Learn More.

Q: Why should I hire an on-line personal trainer?

A: It gives you access to a real personal trainer at a fraction of the cost of in person training. You’re getting a real personal trainer at a price you can really afford. $60 an hour (in person) vs. pennies a day (online)! Learn More

Q: Does online personal training work?

A: Nothing works unless you do! Oh! Fitness has taken the guess work out of what exercises to do, how many days to workout, how hard, soft or long to train, how much to eat, and what to eat. Rest at ease with our proven solution to a healthier you. Just follow your tailored instructions and you’ll reach your goal! Learn More

Q: Why should I hire an in-home personal trainer?

A: The #1 reason most people don’t reach their goals is because they become bored, frustrated and quit. A personal trainer will help provide you with the motivation you need to stay on course. A personal trainer will help you brain storm on ways to overcome the obstacles that always seemed to hold you back. Not to mention, you’ll learn the correct training techniques and stop wasting time in the gym. Learn More

Q: Should I take supplements?

A: Only if you know for certain (i.e. medical intervention/lab testing) you are malnourished in that supplement area. Otherwise, you’re just throwing your money away. Popular supplements come and go just like day and night. Don’t get sucked in. Learn More.


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