eTrain Now (24/7 Fitness)

Get your month long full exercise plan is created by a live trainer. It isn’t randomly computer generated. All exercises and the order in which they are to be performed are carefully selected.  It will be tailored to meet YOUR goals!

Tell me all about it…………………………………………………..
eTraining, also known as online personal training, is a convenient fix for anyone with a tight schedule or budget. Exercising under the guidance of a certified personal trainer on your own time, without having to meet for an in-person session, works for even the craziest schedule or tightest budget. That’s the beauty of an online personal trainer. After finalizing payment, your trainer will contact you within 24 hours. You provide your goals, a routine will be designed that best suits your needs. Your program is NOT automatically generated by a software system. Your program is designed by a live personal trainer. That’s why you won’t receive it immediately (24hrs max). You will be able to easily incorporate it into your home, work or wherever you happen to be. Tutorials and tips are provided for proper execution of each exercise. Additionally, you will receive consistent feedback and motivation from your trainer throughout week!!! You will be held accountable! Start now!

You will receive a 1 month long plan consisting of:

A readiness assessment. The assessment consists of an assessment of your goals, current health status and readiness for change. Don’t worry. We’ll progress at your pace!

A daily caloric assessment. Knowing how many calories you should have is half the battle towards sticking to a sensible diet. Receive a specialized report on how many calories your body needs as well as a recommended carbohydrates, protein and fat intake supported by the American Dietetic Association.

A progressive workout plan an entire month. The plan consists of an exercise program tailored to meet your goals.  Video and/or written Instructions are provided for proper exercise execution. Additional notes from the trainer may also be provided. Don’t worry. The workout will progress at your pace. Why not try it now?

Progress Checks and Support. Participation in regular progress checks is strongly encouraged. Progress checks are very important, because they consists of a review of your training progress and eating habits. Remember, you’re not just getting a workout routine to follow on your own. You are getting regular support and feedback from a live trainer. The support you will receive will make all the difference!

Cancelling Your Training. eTraining is a subscription based service. By signing up, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions provided on this page, you authorize us to charge your card/Paypal account on a monthly cycle. Your eTraining subscription continues until canceled. If you do not wish to continue , click this here —> ‘Do Not Renew’ <— now before your monthly renewal date.



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